A reference in the construction and property development

Quality and constructive rigor, with more than 565,000 m2 built and 3,700 homes.

We have a floor space of more than 100,000 m2 of building roof in Tortosa, Reus, Castellví de Rosanes, Figueres, Badalona and Gavà.

SB IMMOBILIÀRIA was started out in Tortosa (Tarragona) in 1975 and began its activity in the real estate and construction sector with the aim of building, developing and creating spaces for people to live and work with the highest level of quality and well-being.

We have a multidisciplinary team of specialists in different areas of management, specialized in the real estate and construction sectors.

Customer satisfaction is one of our priority objectives. So is quality: we apply ourselves in the continuous improvement of processes to improve the result of our work; innovation: our desire to continue research drives us to move forward; competence and professionalism: we manage knowledge to offer the most advanced products and services.

All this allows us to be worthy of the trust that customers place in us.

In all the years of real estate and construction activity, the company has developed about forty urban actions, with more than 565,000 m2 of built-up area and the urbanization of different P.E.R.I., Units of Action and Partial Plans. It has built more than 91 multifamily and single-family buildings, with more than 3,700 homes, more than 3,100 parking spaces and more than 60,600 m2 of commercial premises and industrial buildings. It has also built nine hotels for the hotel division of the Group, SB HOTELS.

We are currently developing the urbanization works for the Temple Sud Partial Plan of Tortosa and the construction of the chain's new hotel in Barcelona. SB IMMOBILIÀRIA, will be present throughout the entire eastern part of Catalonia where, in the coming years, it will develop the construction and promotion of its buildings, in Tortosa, Reus, Castellví de Rosanes (Barcelona), Figueres, Badalona and Gavà. Notably, between these last two cities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, the project of more than 215 homes. The reserve of land distributed among the listed cities, is more than 100,000 m2 of buildable roof.

We currently have homes for sale in Tortosa and L'Ampolla.